We are having an online yard sale Wednesday night, 10/20 at 7 pm eastern, as a live online event. We bought out a shop that has been closed for awhile and we need to thin the inventory. We have frames, cutters, patterns, kits, some are started with some or all of the wool. All items are new old stock, or slightly used. Most is only 1 of each item. Our buying rules will be different that night. Normally you have 48 hours to check out. This time you will have one hour. Don’t worry about being charged shipping on 3-4-5-6 orders, once you meet the $100 minimum it’s free shipping and we combine the orders to one order. We are also doing the short payment time because of there being only singles on many items. People on Wait lists will automatically be notified if an item they want comes available and you will have an hour to pay or it passes to the next person. We highly recommend downloading and signing up on the app. It will be a long night but lots of fun! Tag a friend or share the news please!
Here are the links to our simple to use and easy to down load versions for appl or Android products!
If you have an apple product you can down load it here:
If you have an Android product you can download it here:
Julie Mattison
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