Searsport Rug Hooking

36 inch Wide Linen

We are always looking and working to find new things for our customers. Looking for things that have extra value or add interest or make our craft easier. This new backing we are sampling falls into a few of those categories. It’s strong organic linen. It’s woven for us for rug Hooking. And it’s only 36 inches wide! So often we  have so much waste when making a hallway runner or smaller floor rug or wall hanging. We like a four inch salvage on our patterns so at 36 inches wide you can do a 28 inch wide rug. If your ok with 3 inches then you can do a 30 inch wide rug. This backing is perfect for hallway runners that tend to be 28-30 wide. That’s zero waste cut off the sides! Just order a piece 8 inches longer then the runner you want to hook!

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