Linen Blanks

Standard sized blanks
  All of these pieces of linen are serged on the edges, with a 4 inch salvage and the lines drawn on the straight of the grain. If you would like us to add a boarder, inside of the outside lines, just tell us how wide you would like it to be.
Custom Blanks
We can also do custom cut piece for you, if none of our stock pieces fit your needs. ALL You need to know is what you want the finished size to be, we add a 4 inch salvage. We can also put the outside line for the border on for you. This will ensure that your drawing, when you do it, is on the straight of grain. There is no waste for you and your piece is all surged and ready to go. You can design it just the way you like. Just email or call us and we will figure it all out for you. We just need to know the size you want your finished piece to be. 1-207-249-0891 or