We will add each groups of products from our live selling events here after each one. Some products are very limited so may show sold out or be removed from the listing. While we know some of you are not on face book for many reasons, this is our simplest  and best platform for this style of selling. You must register to buy and it’s very simple. 
1. On Facebook go to our searsport Rug Hooking page. 
2. Look for the message button. It could be two ways. It should be at the upper part of our page and say message or it’s a little button with white squiggles in it that is the massages logo.
3. Click on that and just enter register. That’s it, just the single word by its self “register” but no “”
4. it will send you back a box that says confirm your account. Just click that and your ready to buy anything you see that you need!