Searsport Rug Hooking

A Snowman Three Ways


Years ago we had a line we called “penny go rounds”, our “hearts go round” was featured in rug hooking magazine and we had about 12 other designs. We have decided to bring them back starting with our snowman one. Now though you get to pick the style you want to work in! You can hook him, punch him or stitch him! Your finished piece is 8.5 inches across if you choose not to add the penny rug backing and 15 inches with the penny rug foundation.
if you do not do the penny rug background he’s very cute finished as a pillow or small mat, 
If you add the penny rug backing All of your pennies, the 22 tongues with backs, and 2 center circles come to you precut. We also include a ball of cream valdani thread for stitching.

The appliqué version has your paper pattern to cut out your snowman face, all your wool and threads

The hooked version has your pattern drawn on linen, all your wool ready for you to cut and your yarn for binding . We hooked the sample in a #8

The punched pattern includes the pattern on monks cloth and all the yarn. We used an Oxford #10 fine to punch it. 

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