FREE August 3 Mini Classes


Class Date of august 5

****Now there is no fee to take a class! Only supplies and materials. For these three months we are closed all Saturdays EXCEPT the first Saturday of the month when we hold classes. ******

You will pick any project you would like to start. Please contact us in advance so we know what you want to do, so we can make sure it’s available.

Our mini classes are an introduction to your choice of our offered art forms. These are three hour classes that get you started in your choice of traditional rug Hooking, Oxford rug punching, miniature ultra punching, wool tree twisting, wool appliqué or designing your own pattern. You will enjoy our spacious classroom and lots of help. All classes are offered on Saturday afternoons. Need stuff? We have STUFF! Is there 5-6 of you that want to take a class, but all have different interests?  That’s fine.

We offer all the classes every Saturday afternoon from 1-4. Pick your class, then just let us know if you need supplies the day of class

Please come in 30 minutes before class to pick out and pay for your supplies. 
While you may pick up  and pay for your supplies the day of the class you must pre pay for the class to hold your spot. This is due to limited class sizes. 
Supply costs below are all estimates based on a basic beginner kit. Prices will vary according to what you pick out. 

For rug Hooking and Oxford punching: we have a basic kit that includes your pattern, cut wool fabric, box frame, scissors  and rug hook. You can choose from many kits sizes from 10x10 to 16x24 rugs. Prices start at $125 for the 10x10 set up. But if you have a quilt hoop you can bring that, if you have a project or hook bring them :) you will only buy what you need. 
For class You must have a project, hook, hoop or frame and scissors.

For Ultra mini Punching: We can put together a kit for you including a 9 in locking hoop, fluffy the sheep pattern, ultra punch needle and hand dyed wool threads for around $110. But you can choose from many designs at varying prices. 
For class You must have a project, ultra punch needle, locking hoop  or gripper frame and scissors

For Appliqué class you will need a pattern, wool or a kit, needles, threads and scissors. We have kits available starting at $15. You will just need needles and scissors. 
For the new pendant class you pay for the kit and use all our tools!

****We also have undecided so you can hold your spot for the classes and decide by that Thursday before class incase we have to make you a kit.