Searsport Rug Hooking

Build a Work Box

Our newest size is 12x12 with a side section that is 2x12. This holds your oxford punches, ultra punchers and threaders or 9 balls of Valdani threads! Then you can add an extra box and we will take $1.00 of to make your custom set! The 2x5 will hold 3 Valdani balls of thread, trims needles, beads and other embellishments. Or add a 4x4 and make a pin cushion to fill that or add a 3x8 to hold 12 Valdani balls! Add a tomatoes pin cushion kit and nestle a fat red tomato in the corner like I did. These cute boxes are useful and fun and easy to set up how you like them! 
I think my favorite is this big box with the felt pad! We have extra small mats from trimming felt for our pressing mats. $5 will add the mat to a big box!

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