Searsport Rug Hooking

Charlotte The SeaHorse Contest piece


Meet Charlotte, she a little shy and kind of quiet. But we think she has great potential! We hope you will too! This is our contest pattern for the 2023 Harbor Hookin’. She can be hooked, punched with large punch needles like the Oxford needle or reduced and done in ultra punch. Or She can also be appliquéd.
The rules are as follows: 

1. You do not have to buy our pattern, you can draw your own. This is for anyone who does not like to draw :) 
2. Hooked, appliqué or full sized punch must be with in the size of 5-7 wide and 15-19 inches long of the actual seahorse. 
3. You can embellish them how ever you like. You can add feathers, fans, streamers what ever you like, they can be how ever long you like, only the body part must meet the requirements listed above. So you can be an overall size of 12 wide and 4 feet long as long as the HOOKED OR PUNCH BODY IS ONLY 5-7x15-19.
5. Miniature punch has to be 3-4 inches by 6-8 inches 
6. single means there is one sea horse drawn on the backing to hook or punch. Double means there are two so you can do both pieces and assemble in a 3D sea horse.

 Prizes  for Winning  Charlotte’s 
Given as Searsport Gift Cards
First Place $75
Second Place $50
Third Place $35

All registered attendees will have a single contest vote.

All pieces are judge together so go crazy 

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