Searsport Rug Hooking

Demo Spot


You can grab 2 spots to teach a demo in the free demo room now to share what ever you like. We welcome all fiber mediums. No matter what your talent or passion it’s an easy way to boost sales in your booth. If you have small make it and take it’s we encourage you using them in this room. Or just show and tells. Even talks or discussions are welcome. Color planning is always huge. Talk for 15 minutes and show examples and then do Q&A for 10 minutes.

We do ask that you only take one spot on two days to allow as many as want to use the space. Also even doing the same demo two different days is fine, we have mostly 3 day attendees but some only can do two. So if you can only do one day I would go with Wednesday, if you want to do two days I would do Tuesday and Thursday. 
Think about even bringing in a new kit to show them and talk about what it is, how it goes together if it’s something different and how to finish it. All nice things to promote YOU!

Also you don’t have to use the whole 25 minutes you can do 15-20 what ever you need. 
Please allow 5 minutes to clean up and vacate the room for the next demo. 
Remember these are not classes. It’s a brief sharing of info. It’s about making a connection with them that helps them think about you next time they need something to do with what you shared. 
There is enough spots that all vendors can do two spots. Even if you repeat the same demo or talk we have limited space so it will be totally different people for the second one. If you know for sure that you do not want to do a demo please let us know so we can give the spot to others that might want to do more then two. 

Here are a few ideas, again, don’t feel like it’s a whole class it can just be a teaser of your teaching style, or one element of any of these ideas. 

1. Designing

2. How to transfer patterns

3. Rug Hooking tips and tricks

4. Primitive Color planning

5. designing memory rugs

6. spinning

7. finishing a project

8. Anything on mini punch needle

9. Anything on Oxford Punch needle

10. Any thing on wool appliqué 

11. Anything on stitching

12. Felting

13. Color planning with textures

14. Shading

15. Working with embellishments

16. Assembling anything 3D.

17. what ever you do that’s different. 

18. Q&A on anything! They love to pick your brains! Take 2-3 rugs to explain why you did what you did in it. It will let them see your style and maybe get them in a future class with you! 

Please only pick two spots for right now. January 1 we will open any unused spots to who ever would like them. We will update the list online so everyone can plan their day and the schedule will be in their tables each morning too.  

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