Searsport Rug Hooking

Ditty Box


These beautiful boxes are made in upstate Maine by The Amish. They measure 8x6x3.5 and have a slide in top with a wooden knob. We have designed some appliqué kits to start with and we are working on some hooked and punched ones as well! The boxes are lightly stained and ready for you to create the top and store your equipment in. This is an easy afternoon project! Stitches will love keeping their threads, scissors, needles everything in a cute handy place. Rug hookers will find plenty of room for their rug hooks, scissors and more! Are you a puncher? Wether you use the Ultra punch or the Oxford punch there is room for your needles and threader and more in this handy storage! And each one comes with a cute 6 in wooden ruler!   Your kit includes your stained box and slider lid, base wool, accent and design wool, trim and any buttons or charms shown on the design you choose. Charms will vary but be similar to what’s shown and go with the theme you select.


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