Searsport Rug Hooking

Ditty Box lid kit


We are very sorry but we are sold out of these kits until September

This is the same kit as the ditty box kit for $38.99 but NO BOX INCLUDED, JUST THE LID AND WOOL KIT. This will allow you to swap out your lids according to season or use. Working on appliqué and want to go Hooking? Slide out your lid and slide in a Hooking one! Want a spring design, or Halloween or Christmas? They are in the works! Right now it’s just these guys. This is an easy afternoon project! Your kit includes a slider lid, base wool, accent and design wool, trim and any buttons or charms shown on the design you choose. Charms will vary but be similar to what’s shown and go with the theme you select.

****This is only the lid, NOT the complete box****

You need to have made one of the complete kits to use these lids on. 


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