Dyers starter kit


You will get:   
3.5 yards of wool,
3 jars of dye, your choice of colors,
1 set of mini dye spoons,
1 1/2pound bag of citric acid,
dye instructions,
ratio formulas to play with,
We also include a sample of the oak tags I use to glue or staple a small piece of the original wool and another piece of the over dyed wool to.
I then write the formula I used on the back of the tag.
These are all fastened together with a large clip ring to keep organized!
This will yield 14 fat quarters of over dyed wool.
You will still have lots of dye and citric acid left to play with other wools.
Just the wool alone, once it is over dyed would cost you $168.00 if you are paying $12.00 a fat quarter!
It is 7 half yards of wonderful textured wool that are some of my favorite light to med valued plaids and checks for you to dye yourself. Your choice of three jacquard dyes, a set of dye spoons and a bag of citric acid for setting the color in your dye. All you need to add is a pot to dye in, a jar to mix dye in, and a sink to presoak your wool. Once used for dyeing the pot and jar should be kept for dye purposes only, no longer cooking. Also a white plastic spoon is nice to see how much dye is left in the water if you do not have a white pot and I like a rugged meat fork to lift and stir the wool with.
At check out in the comment box please tell us which three dyes you would like to have.
You will also get a card with dye instructions and some simple ratios to use in mixing some basic colors. Please understand that since every one will be picking different colors of dye, every formula ends up different. We recommend that you choose a red, a yellow and a blue of some type. This gives you the three basics to start. I like dull colors so I do not use the bright pure yellow, red and blue that is always recommended, but a duller version to get the colors I like. Mix it up and have fun. This is just to get you started! You can add extra dyes from the Jaquard list under dyes.

Dyers starter kit Dyers starter kit