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Indigo Magic Is a Hands-on class! Do you love blue! From the palest of a crystal snowflake to the deepest dark night… indigo will do it all! 

Have you heard about or been Interested in indigo, but believe that it is “too complicated”?  In this class we will demystify the indigo dye bath. Students will learn the history of indigo, a little of its chemistry, how to prepare a stock solution and dye bath, and how various fibers take the dye. Participants will learn how to successfully dye their fibers to various shades in the dye bath. Each participant will receive a binder with handouts, yarn samples, fiber samples, and a 1/8 yard piece of wool fabric to dye and take home.
This class is a 1/2 day class and taught by 
Gina Levesque From Across Generations, one of our vendors. She is also teaching a technique class and a natural dye class this week!

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