Groups on the Go!


Group Size

Wether your just a group of friends, a guild looking for a road trip or a teacher looking for a place to hold one of your workshops, we have the perfect spot for you! You will have full use of the classroom, morning refreshments, a lovely luncheon and homemade desserts like brioche bread pudding with fire whisky sauce or hot buttered rum! Warm cookies or popcorn or something equally fun in the afternoon are all included!

The cost per person for a group, with no teacher, or selling includes the following:

Morning refreshments


Exclusive use of Classroom for the day

Any help with color planning or project from us that you need

Use of three Beeline cutters with blades from #3-#10, irons, frames, glue guns and such if needed.

Your Day starts at 9:30 and ends at 4:30-5 pm

Morning Refreshments will include

Coffee, hot tea, iced tea, water and muffins or some sweet baked good

Lunch will be a Soup or luncheon salad with side salads, along with a bread of some kind, also one or two of our famous desserts.

Hot cookies or popcorn have been known to show up for snacking in the afternoon.

Group sizes: If your signing up a group you are our contact for everyone.   To reserve and pay for your spot, just put how many are coming total in your group.  Final numbers will be confirmed and prices adjusted four days prior to your event. 
For example if 9 of you are coming just put 9 in the amount you need in the $14 a person option. If you have 32, then put  32 spots  in the $8 a person option. If you end up with more you will all get the best price break for your entire group size. If you have less then it will be adjusted up also. 
*** minimum of 6

6-11 $14.00 per person

12-17 $12.00 per person 

18-23 $10.00 per person 

24-35 $8.00 per person 

36 and up to 45 is $6.00 per person 

For teachers that are organizing for a class or selling product there is an additional $25.00 room fee.

Reserve your spot now, payment in full due two weeks out.

Final numbers can be adjusted up to 4 days in advance.

Demos can be arranged too if there’s an interest.

Check out flights with Allegiant Air into Punta Gorda Florida, to fly in and spend a few days or a weekend. Spend 1-2 or three days here at the studio or mix it up with some of our incredible beaches! 

We also welcome groups at no charge. This is just to use the room for a fun day. It does not include the meals or treats but your still welcome to use the irons and cutting tables and cutters if needed. We have coffee and tea and a tip jar for donations for any you enjoy. All funds after restocking go to our local animal shelter. Thursday’s and Friday’s are not available or any date that’s booked for an event by us or another paying group or teacher. It’s a fun day out with your group and You can brown bag it or order delivery from one of our local restaurants.