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Hand Dyed Wool from the Circle of Color A-04


We are happy to offer you our “Circle of Color” dyed wool based on our swatches. Our full set that we dye will give you 180 colors to choose from. While every attempt is made to match from batch to batch there is always a slight difference. Please keep this in mind and make sure you order enough of the color and value you need. 

You can order the hand dyed wool in the following sizes. These are roughly the size piece you will get, they are hand dyed, washed and dried it so it’s all ready for you to work with. 
While the colors that show on my computer are close to the actual wool, they could look totally different on your computer or iPad. This is why we have not listed much dyed wool for sale. We now have swatch sets that you can buy to color plan and order from, or just trust the picture you see and order with out investing in the swatches.
 All of this wool is over dyed, by hand, in small batches using very precise formulas. 

A Fat 1/32 yard is roughly 7x8 for $3.00

A Fat 1/16 yard is roughly 7x16 for $5.00

A Fat 1/8 yard is roughly 14x16 for $9.00

A Fat 1/4 yard is roughly 27x16 for $16.00

A Fat 1/2 yard is roughly 27x32 for $30.00 

The Shade Packs available will be

Small Shades are a set of 3 of the 1/32 $9.00

Large Shades are a set of 3 of the 1/16 $15.00

Fat Shades are a set of three fat quarters for $48.00

**Please allow up to a 4-5 day processing time in case we need to dye the colors you order. 
**Please order enough for your projects, as with any hand dyed wools or fabrics, even mill dyed, there can be differences in the dye lots. 
** Fabrics will be slightly mottled as shown in the red wool photo. 
** All Circle of Color wool is dyed over Dorr natural wool. 

***If you ordered any of the circle swatch sets to use for color planning don’t forget to use your discount code on your circle of color wool order! To help offset the cost of the cost of Circle of Color cards to you, we will send you a coupon code good for $5 off your first three orders of these Circle of Color wools.
This will only be good on this Circle of color dyed wool or wool packets. ****

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