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Leftover Wool of the month


As the months change we will offer any left over wool of the months bundles here. They will be very limited quantities. Details about our wool of the month program are following:

Some of you that have followed us from the beginning will remember the old “Wool of the Month” we did for years and years. We have had many ask about it again, so we are bringing it back. But we have made a few changes that will make it even better we think! First off is the size of the pieces of wool, they are square now to appeal to rug hookers and appliquérs. We used to do the long pieces so you could cut nice long strips for hooking. Now rug hookers will get the standard 16-18 in strip, depending on how the wool fulls up and appliquérs get a nice size piece to get lots of shapes cut out of! They measure roughly 16x14. This first offering has three as is wools washed and fulled and one over dye to mix in with them. We started with one of our best selling plaids and worked off from its colors to offer a great packet for you to play with. A nice blue over dyed, a terra-cotta  pin stripe and a dried wheat windowpane and the plaid make a colorful bunch! 
If you choose one month we will send the current month now. 
If you select 3 months you will get a little price break and we will send the current month and then the first of the next two months you automatically will be shipped those selections. 
With the 6 month and the 12 month you get free shipping, a price break and a new wool packet shipped to you around the first of every month for the next 5 or 11 months after the first shipment comes to you!
There are limited amounts each month and when they are gone they are gone. These are 4 fat 1/8 of each wool for a half yard total in each shipment.

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