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Meal Plan for Traveling Companions Only


If you signed up and now have someone coming with you who is not part of the camp but would like them to eat with you, you can add them to our group meal plan. Our weekend will start Friday evening with a meet and greet with a light dinner with us in the conference room from 6-9. This is also where we will meet the rest of the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday we will meet each morning for breakfast from 8-8:45 and lunch from 12:00-1. Our day runs from 9-3 Then your on your own for dinner. We will gather again each evening from 7-10 for special projects that are included in your weekend. Monday morning we will have breakfast and finish up any last minute things and say goodbye around 10

1. Traveling companion meal plan: There will not be space for them in the conference room during class time due to our spacing. Only during the meal times. 
***Meal plan for travel companion. This is only if you decide to add someone traveling with you. This is only to eat with us through the weekend. 

This is to add a traveling companion to your sign up for meals only for either camp. May or September.

Call Beacher's Lodge for your lodging. 
6970 A1A South
St. Augustine, FL 32080
Toll Free: 800-527-8849

****You can cancel two weeks out with a full refund from us and the hotel. You must cancel by 4/29 with both us and the Beachers. 
*** We expect this to be more of a local thing for Florida or the drivable southern states like GA and SC. This way if you or us need to cancel, flights will not be involved. We have tried to think of everything. 

  ***BEFORE you write us about masks, social distancing, Covid and group gathering please know that a lot of work and thought have gone into this event. We are adhering to all Covid guidelines and so is the hotel. They are over the top on cleaning and sanitizing all spaces. We have extensively researched, talked to them and another group that has met here. If you do not feel safe joining us, that is fine and we understand. Everyone has to choose what makes them feel safe. At the time of opening registration we are 14 weeks, that’s over 3 months out from holding it. Please do not write us to educate us. If we did not feel confident and safe doing this we would not be doing it. The meeting room holds over 50 people, we are only allowing 20 to attend. Also the pictures of the conference room are their stock photos and not how it will be set up. It will be two people to a table with plenty of space between everyone. We are going with the assumption that in three months the majority will have vaccines and things will be much safer to travel.

Per the Beachers: As for the COVID cleaning, our property is unique in that it is a condo-hotel, so we do have a dedicated housekeeping team with years of experience servicing our guest stays.  Daily housekeeping is included, however we provide do not disturb signs should anyone be uncomfortable with daily cleaning.  We have always used hospital grade disinfectants, however now they are taking more time to disinfect frequently touched surfaces.  We also clean the outside areas - railings, pool furniture, elevator buttons, all the touch points along the way to the guest rooms. 


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