Searsport Rug Hooking

Mini Workshop #1

Just as soon as we have all the info we need from the teachers we will list and open the workshops for Punta Gorda in February. We know everyone is anxious to see what's coming and we are very happy with the line up of awesome classes and think you will be too! some are single segments so they are half a day. starting at 8:30 and running till noonish or from noonish to 4. some are double segments and they will be an afternoon segment and the next day is a morning segment. those are a bit more in depth and this gives you a break and a chance to do "homework" if you want to to be ready for the next day. Some classes are for beginners and some for more advanced. We have rug hooking, oxford punching, ultra punching, applique, snippet basket weaving, dying and more!  Class sizes are limited based on the project difficulty for the teachers attention and for the teachers limits.

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