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New Wool Sample Pack


This bundle pack is for a piece of each of our 12 newest wools in stock. Some are brand new, some are redoes. You can get our small $20 sample pack that is a piece of each that measure roughly 7.5x9 before washing. All wool fulls up differently so some may shrink a tiny bit and some shrink a little more.

Small: You can order it as fat 1/32 that are 7.5x9 these are great for appliquérs.

Medium: The fat 1/16 that are 7.5x18 before washing are wonderful for appliquérs too or rug hookers to test the textures and colors. 

Large: The fat quarters that are 29x18. These give you a nice stash.

Extra large bundle is a wonderful splurge of a yard of each all washed and shipped free!

All sizes listed are before we wash them for you. These bundles are all washed for you, so they are slightly smaller then these sizes.

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