Searsport Rug Hooking

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Our basket is filled with flowers, leaves and branches that a little birds is perched on. Another tiny bird is tucked down on the edge of the basket. This kit is available four ways. With all the Pre-Cut wool, then add the Valdani threads, and add the metal tray to display it or get everything in one kit! The antique cream background wool is Pre-Cut, all the leaves, the branches and the stems are also Pre-Cut as is the two little birds! You do not have to cut anything! Not even the bud wool! We include directions on stitching, making your buds and assembling them and a 1/2 yard of soft fuse to attaché all the wool before stitching. Then again to attach the cream wool to the flannel backing provided. We also recommend a glue gun for attaching the flowers to the finished piece be as shown.

The kits will have leaves that go with the flowers and the birds too. As we get samples done up we will show them.  If your interested in stitching a sample for us in a sample we do not have, please contact us :) 

The threads are three balls of Valdani in verigated blues, greens and browns. 

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