Searsport Rug Hooking

100% Wool Large Pressing Mats

Sorry, we are out of large felt for the moment, on 12/9 we have 1 cart topper in stock. our source is out of good 1/2 in felt right now. We will restock asap.
These large mats are 100% wool and made here in the USA! They create a perfect pressing surface for you wool appliqué, penny rugs, quilt blocks or rug hooking. You can use  with or without steam for beautiful results. Once you work with a 100% wool mat you will never iron with out one. They absorb moisture and wick it away from your project. The firm yet soft 1/2 in think felt makes wrinkles disappear and seems iron out flat and smooth.
These are also a rug hookers friend. Use the larger ones as a heavy duty, heat resistant barrier that wicks away moisture from your rug and absorb the steam as you block it. You can use the smaller ones and just reposition as you steam it. Or splurge and get the big gal!
our mats are a 1/2 in thick and may vary slightly in size. Want something larger or smaller? Just ask for a custom size quote. 

If you are putting your piece of felt on a cart let us know if you want the corners cut in to allow for the corner knobs like Julie’s work cart. 

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