FREE September 7 Mini Classes


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Due to the first half hour of confusion and getting everyone going we must have you select your project before the Saturday class. When we have 8-12 people trying to select kits even an hour before class it’s hard for three of use to assist you with colors and other details. Once you sign up we will email you for some project details. 
We are continuing with the once a month free classes!  They have really worked out well for everyone and we have a great group coming. We hope you can join us. You must pre register for the class you want so we are prepared for everyone. You check out right here online and it’s free. No credit cards needed! 
Our mini classes are an introduction to your choice of our offered art forms. These are three hour classes that get you started in your choice of traditional rug Hooking, Oxford rug punching, miniature ultra punching, wool tree twisting, wool appliqué or designing your own pattern. You will enjoy our spacious classroom and lots of help. All classes are offered on Saturday afternoon. You will have three hours of instruction and can come back for help any time. 

We offer all the classes once a month in the afternoon from 1-4. Pick your class, then just let us know if you need supplies the day of class

Please select your project before class if you need one. 
While you may pick up  and pay for your supplies the day of the class you must pre register for the class to hold your spot. This is due to limited class sizes. 
Supply costs below are all estimates based on a basic beginner kit. Prices will vary according to what you pick out. 

For rug Hooking and Oxford punching: we have a basic kit that includes your pattern, cut wool fabric, box frame, scissors  and rug hook. You can choose from many kits sizes from 7x7, 10x10 to 16x24 rugs.  But if you have a quilt hoop you can bring that, if you have a project or hook bring them :) you will only buy what you need. 
For class You must have a project. We have everything else for you to use in class and available for purchase. 

For Ultra mini Punching: you can choose from many designs at varying prices. 
For class You must have a project, but we have mini punch needle, locking hoop  or gripper frame and scissors you may use in class and available to purchase

For Appliqué class you will need a pattern, wool or a kit, threads. We have kits available starting at $15. You can use our  needles and scissors. 

For tree twisting class you will need a basic tree or wreath or spray kit. Kits start at $27. We have wire cutters and glue guns to use in class.

For the Proddy class you will use our proddy strip cutter, a pulling tool and we give you enough wool salvages to do your chair pad pattern if you go with that kit. you will start a fun fat cushy mat is an assortment of colors.

All Classes are FREE, PLUS supplies if you need them. You can come as many times as you like. You can bring your own projects and we will help you.