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Shop the Beacher’s Fall Fling Camp Store 9/11 or 9/12


 We invite you to come shop only at our second event since February 2020... so many things things canceled due to safety... not just at our studio but in all our lives. It is with a hopeful heart and optimistic mind we are planning a small getaway. 
***We will have two times on Saturday and Sunday for outside shoppers to come shop when the group is not in the conference room. We will be spraying down the room between each group. 
****You will need to make an appointment since we will only allow a small group at a time to come in. No appointment, no admission. 
***You MUST wear a mask while shopping. It is limited to no more then ten at a time in the camp store. Shopping times are only from 3:30 to 6:30 on Saturday and Sunday 

If there is something you would like to pre order for pickup please contact us. 
While we can’t have everything in the pictures we will have a lot of great wool and wool related goodies to shop from! We will take special orders up to four days prior to the event. 

Beacher's Lodge
6970 A1A South
St. Augustine, FL 32080
Toll Free: 800-527-8849

  *** BEFORE  you write us about masks, social distancing, Covid and group gathering please know that a lot of work and thought have gone into this event. We are adhering to all Covid guidelines and so is the hotel. They are over the top on cleaning and sanitizing all spaces. We have extensively researched, talked to them and another group that has met here. If you do not feel safe joining us, that is fine and we understand. Everyone has to choose what makes them feel safe. At the time of opening registration we are 14 weeks, that’s over 3 away. Please do not write us to educate us. If we did not feel confident and safe doing this we would not be doing it. The meeting room holds over 50 people, we are only allowing 20 to attend. Also the pictures of the conference room are their stock photos and not how it will be set up. It will be two people to a table with plenty of space between everyone. We are going with the assumption that in three months the majority will have vaccines and things will be much safer to travel.

***If you do not feel safe stay home and shop our extensive website :) 


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