MaineLand Stone and Art

New Larger Bath #17


Patio Pond #17 This pond is 9” wide, 13” long And 2.25 deep. NEW DEPTH BOWLS #17 - Cold Water Lake---- NEW over 1 1/4"deep BOWL!! 13"widest point !!!
This bath has a shipping premium add to the cost. This one is over 17+~ pound! And will require special packing to assure safe arrival to your garden! 
 Made from Select Native New England sourced stone. Black and white marbling with great striping and color. Setting on your deck or patio or nestled in your garden they will draw small birds and animals to refresh themselves or have a sip of water. We watch bunnies and birds on our all the time. 

The Deluxe Base is a fun addition that raises your bath up 4 inches. 
Native New England granite.
All are approximately 4" x 4" cubes and will add an additional 4" of height to all the individual dimensions

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