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Slim Line Patio Pond #16


Patio Pond  #16 This is a smaller bath is 6” at its widest point, 7.5” long and 1 inch thick. But it’s a rare coloration of American granite. A total gem out of many stone 
This Beautiful half golden and half blackStone is touched with specks of almost cranberry. Setting on your deck or patio or nestled in your garden they will draw small birds and animals to refresh themselves or have a sip of water. We watch bunnies and birds on our all the time. While these rest perfectly on your patio, steps or edge of your garden you can also raise them using our cube or a stack of slabs. These pretty granite pieces add even more dimension to your petite bird bath. This is the top only. 

The Deluxe Basin cube or slabs are a fun addition that raises your bath up 2, 4 or 6 inches! 
Native New England granite.
All are approximately 4" x 4" cubes and will add an additional 4" of height to all the individual dimensions


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