Searsport Rug Hooking

Hand dyed Velvet Accents


Hand dyed velvet... it just says luxury.... soft, mottled, rich looking and fun to use! Each piece is approximately 5.5x22 inches long. When I use this I hand tear them into about 3/4 in strips and this gives you a fat full strip that is easy to use. You can use narrower or wider, that’s just what mine average when I tear them. Velvet does not like cutters ;) it slips and slides giving you a jagged edge. 
We do not recommend using this on rugs for the floor, but pillows and wall hangings and pins and such it adds some very cool zing!

All the pictures are pretty close to the true colors except #13. This is more of a salmon/coral color and it is showing as more red. Think flamingo ;) 

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