Searsport Rug Hooking

Vintage Bliss Model A with 4 Heads


Used Bliss with a #5, two  #8 and #1 cutter heads. In very good condition for the age is the cutter. Blades are all in used condition. 

Bliss Model A used for slitting material for rug hooking & weaving. 

If  you feel the need to send it in for servicing, the cost is $75.00 plus shipping, parts if needed are extra, they service and ship back within 3 day after receiving.

R&R Machine Co. Inc. dba

Harry M. Fraser Co.

498 Trot Valley Road

Stuart, Virginia 24171

  • Adjustable- A twist of the tension screw adjusts cutter to any thickness of material. Varying strip widths obtained by changing cutter head.
  • Uniform Slitting- Saves hours over scissors method. Cuts narrower and more evenly. Clean smooth slitting… strips hook easier. Loops are more uniform.
  • Safe to Operate- No exposed gears to crush careless fingers. A child can operate it without danger. Positive safety feature prevents cutting fingers or hands.
  • All Rug Materials- The Bliss slits all kinds of rug material uniformly. Use discarded clothing, blankets, or remnants. Cuts heavy and lightweight materials equally well.

The Bliss mechanism is designed to give trouble-free service for many years. Cutter shaft is housed in needle bearings and the pressure roller has a needle bearing which needs a few drops of 3 in 1 oil in it occasionally.

The cutter heads are made of special steel designed for this type of cutting, are hardened clear through, and precision ground to accurate “aircraft” specifications.

Made and manufactured in the USA since 1947.

Cutter Head Choices

No. 2 - cuts 6 strips 2/32" wide
No. 3 - cuts 6 strips 3/32" wide
No. 4 - cuts 4 strips 4/32" wide
No. 5 - cuts 3 strips 5/32" wide
No. 6 - cuts 3 strips 6/32" wide
No. sp7 - cuts 2 strips 7/32" wide
No. sp8 - cuts 2 strips 1/4" wide
No. sp1 - Cuts 1 strip 1/2" to 2" wide by adjusting the cloth guide

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