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Week #1 Holiday Count Down 14 in Twisted Tree Package!

$73.99 $79.99

Our first week of our holiday countdown is to help you get started decorating! No matter the way you celebrate, a pretty twisted tree just adds to the warm fuzzy feelings we have about winter and gatherings and happy times. We have put together a complete kit that makes a full bodied 14 inch tree. It includes the following:
1. The basic 14 in twisted tree kit with your instructions, cloth wrapped wires, florist tape and the dowel ready for you to twist on your branches. 
2. A rustic old spool to use as your tree stand. They are squat, heavy and hold the twisted trees perfectly.
3. 2 bags of pre cut greens to make plenty of branches for your tree. 
4. And to decorate your special tree we have included a box of tiny glass Santa’s for 1/2 off! 
There’s no special purchase or coupon code, it’s all taken care of! Supplies are limited on this weeks special because of the limited amount of Santa’s. Once gone that’s it! 

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