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Wooly Block Adventure “Waiting for Santa”


We have joined the 2019 Wooly Block Adventure! The pattern only is a pdf pattern that we will email you to downloaded for $5 or it can be picked up in the store for free from Oct 1-nov 30!

You can do the whole wool kit for $19.99. The wool kit includes the pattern, cream background, red, blue, black, yellow, brown and green wool. It also includes the gold line, the mini pompoms  and the mitten cuff braids. 

“Waiting For Santa” is an 8 in block with three little nice watching the night sky for Santa to fill their mittens and stocking. 

If you order the patterns only it will be emailed as a pdf for you to download and print we also include Flossy the the Wooly Block logo block! It’s going to charge you $5.00 shipping but I will refund it as soon as we get the order. It’s the only way we can get the info we need for the download. Sorry about that. 

We have added more of the Flossy Ninth Block Kits. You can order with a rich deep green base or a soft lemon yellow base.  $5 of the $15.99 cost is donated to our favorite no kill rescue group where we have adopted our four footed babies. Our old guy who died in April, Dexter, Daisy, Sara and Ukie all came from there. Many of our friends and family have also found a wonderful companion with them. Canine Castaways is a non profit that we just love supporting! 

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