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24 Packs of Cushing Acid Dyes

$15 $84

The regular price is $3.35 a package 
This is for 24 packs of assorted colors of cushing dyes dyes for $15.00 you will recieve a mixture of assorted reds, blues, greens or yellows and browns
These are all old new stock. These are all unopened packages but they do show a little wear and tear. They came from a number of business we bought out. While they are older I have dyed with a number of them and opened the worst of them to use and they all dyed perfectly as Cushing dyes do. 
Acid dyes are suitable for wool, mohair, and nylon. 

Acid dyes are used by creating a dye solution  by measuring the dry powder and dissolving it in boiling water. Setting it with white vinegar. The material to be dyed should be soaked in a mild Ivory dish detergent solution for a few minutes. Water softener is useful if your water is particularly “hard”.

Please note, older dyes are in foil lined envelopes, not baggies.

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