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Postal Code Pillow Kit

Our newest kit is about memories... while our memories of 2020 will be mixed with good and bad and our location didn’t change much, we all have had time to reflect on past memories.. and the one thing they all have in common is the location of them. Where we grew up, went to school, vacationed, met our significant other or lived at one time. All those spots are tracked with a postal code and our newest kit is just that. 5 simple numbers or a mix of 6 letters and numbers. To call to mind a place we no longer are.. or where we want to be or plan on settling as a goal! Our pillow kit includes all the ore cut numbers you need to appliqué your own zip code pillow! One of the hottest decorating accents selling right now! This is a great gift or keepsake for someone moving, going away to collage, getting married or a new home. Or to remember a childhood home or trip. You will receive five pre cut numbers and fabric for the pillow. At check out tell us the 5 numbers you need cut for you. Finished size is approximately 7.5x16. You will need stuffing and black floss. I used valdine black #8 
At check out let us know what numbers you need or message or email them to us. 

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