Well what a wild and crazy week! We are located in south west Florida and in case you missed it we had a tropical storm here for what seems like a month! Eta was very slow moving and just seemed like a natural addition to our 2020 year lol Tuesday we got 6 inches of rain and 70 mile an hour winds! But onto week three’s specials! We are just in love with the 100% wool felt pressing mats! If you haven’t used one you need to get these! We are doing the set of three mats, our 9x9, the 12x12 and our 15.5x18 inches at a special price of $75 with free shipping and adding our glue mat for free! This is a $114 value for $75! You will save $39! Keep them all or give as gifts! 
The 9x9 is a great personal mat I also use it as a pin cushion on the arm of my couch. Or for pressing little things with out getting out everything. 
The 12x12 is handy for smaller quilt blocks and banners. I also use it as a lay out board for small projects. Felt holds wool beautifully and it stays where you place it. 
The 15.5x18 will press most everything your working on! Even a blouse!
Once you use a felt pressing mat you’ll understand their popularity and why so many stitchers have more the one with our low prices! 
Our mats are 100% wool and 1/2 inch thick.
Julie Mattison