How to assemble and fit your cover to your new Bonnet Topper stool
In your box you received a stool and pattern on linen.
If you ordered a kit then you will have a bundle of wool, uncut or cut depending on how you ordered it and your yarn and binding tape. We highly recommend the gold bent tip needles for whipping off your edges and sewing the corners shut.
The box is very snug for the stool. There is a set of straps under the stool to aid in lifting it out of its box.
I just hold the box between my feet and pull up and the stool will lift right out.
For everyone who has received your stools please note,
Just back them off a half turn and I used a piece of cardboard with a slit to slide between the feet and base of the stool. Then just paint or stain and slide out. Let them dry and snug back up.
Do not over tighten
How to assemble and fit your cover to
your new Bonnet Topper stool

1/a. I started my topper with the big gold circle and just outlined and filled. Then I did the little blue circle tucked under it. I did a few more circles, then I hooked two rows of my background around the outside and around each hooked circle. Continue working and filling it in until the whole top is hooked

2/b. Once it is all hooked, check for any blank spots to fill any holes in. A stool or pillow is almost better a little packed due to it puffing out.

3/c. Now lay it on your stool and see how it "fits" see if the corners just meet. If the bottom row is just past the bottom of the stool, this is just an eyeball thing :) it should be very close. If you are not just to the bottom of the base then hook one more row across the bottom of each side. If the corners meet then do not add the row to the corners. if you cant pinch them together than add a row.

4/d. I use doubled up wool thread to match the background wool so it blends. Place a knot in the end and pull it threw the tip of the corner. You are working with putting the side together and stitching tight to the last row of hooking. I whip over a few times to help lock it all in.

5/e. After whipping a few times over and over on the tip start to move from the top of the corner/stool to the bottom of the corner/stool. you want to hit almost every hole and be as tight as you can to the hooking.

6/f. once you reach the bottom, now turn around and stitch your way back up. This will give you a strong double stitched corner

7/g. Keep the stitches tiny and tight to the hooking. this is to make sure as little of the linen shows as possible when you turn it.

8/h. You can see I'm hitting almost every hole. and coming back up I hit between the stitches
9/I. make sure that it is all sewn tightly and top to bottom twice with a well whipped tip. after doing one corner do the opposite corner. Now fit on the stool. You want a snug fit that is slightly tight but still comes down over the stool.

10/J Now sew the other two corners closed. Once again check the fit. If you tested it after you finishes hooking and after the first set of corners, then you should be pretty close. It should be snug, but not tight and it should come down just past the base of the stool. If it does not come down far enough then you can hook one row around the bottom, it is challenging but doable.

11/K this is looking inside the corner after it has been stitched. it should be snug and no backing showing.

12/L. After each corner is stitched turn it to double check tightness. Go back and add stitches if linen is showing

14/N Yes its a lot of fitting, but if you check every step you save a lot of backtracking!
O/15 About an inch from the last row of hooking make a little snip.

P/16 Now very carefully pull one of the threads. This gives you a straight line for cutting off the extra linen. Pull it from corner to corner. Just do one side for now. This is the side you will start your binding on.

Q/17 trim just the one side until we round the corner

R/18 To start the whipping fold the cut edge of the linen to the back of the hooked stool topper. lay your piece of binding right on top of it with the edge of the binding tape and the edge of the linen lined up.

S/19 Now lay the binding even with the folded edge
T/20 holding the linen edge of the folded linen and binding tape do whip stitching close to the edge of both. This sews on your binding and creates a clean small edge.

U/21 Make close tiny stitches

V/22 When you get to the corner repeat step O/15. Snip, pull the thread and cut along the open line.

W/23 lay flat from the inside of the stool top as shown

X/24 trim the extra corner material to be even with the sides as shown in the picture

Y/25 This picture shows an inside view.

Z/26 whip around the corner and repeat O/15 two more times. When you meet up with the start of your binding then trim the binding tape to a 1/2 in longer than needed to overlap. Fold it under and lay over the rough edge of the start of your tape. Now all you need to do is baste down the edge of the binding tape and your done!

If you have any trouble or need any help please contact us :) We are happy to walk you threw it or send more pictures. Or if your in the area come see us! Remember to email us a picture of your finished stool!