We have had many people ask about making pillows. So we put together this picture tutorial to show how we do it step by step.
We are big believers of "KISS"
"keep it simple silly!"
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1. The hooking is all finished and we have serged off the extra backing on our 8x18 little Jewel pattern to make it a pillow. We keep about 3/4 to an inch around the edges. We cut the wool backing the same size as the pillow.We added cute little wooden buttons to the top before sewing it together

2. Backing and yarn. We have chosen the same red wool that we used for the background hooking to use as the pillow back, Chili powder. Also nothing pulls that threw all the layers as well as a bent tipped gold needle!

3. Stacking it. We fold back the extra backing and fold over the edge of the wool and put them together right sides out.

4. Whipping them together. Then going as close as you can to the last row of hooking just whip over and over close enough that you do not see the linen showing threw the yarn stitches

5. Here's how the Edge looks

6. Go all the way around

7. Leave a space large enough to stuff through.

8. Don't forget to push it into the corners of the pillow. and it NEVER fails you run out just an inch from the end!!

9. All stuffed and the opening whipped closed

10. Tada!!!