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Bolt Wool

We carry wool from Heavens to Betsy, The Wool Studio and Dorr  for our stock bolt wool and our base dying fabrics. You can order in fat quarters, half yards or full yards for your stash. All of the bolt wools choices need to be washed and dried to full them for use. The only one you do not have to wash and dry is the wool of the month package as we have washed and dried that for you.

Dying Supplies

Wouldn't you love to be able to dye all the wonderful colors you ever needed for your projects? Don't let this scare you or intimidate you, its easy! At Searsport Rug Hooking we only use Jacquard dyes. I prefer them for many reasons, the main one is that they come in a small jar so they are very easy to use.  We offer the full line of Jacquard Acid dyes. All of the dyed wool in our studio are dyed using these dyes. They work just like Cushing and Pro-Chem dyes. I like that they come in a half once jar, it makes it much easier to work with. We also use many wonderful textures from other suppliers. We do very little solids because we love the textured look. Any questions on dying just yell, Julie is happy to help you.

Foot Stools & Benches

What tools do you need to do our bench or stool kit?Saws? Plywood?Glue guns? Wrenches?Drills? Electric staplers?Hanger bolts, washers, nuts?What work do you expect to have to do when you get our DIY Stool kit?Do you need to trim padding?Cut batting?Fit muslin? Then hope you didn't trim to much off........ No! You are ready to go if you order a completed stool and everything is pre cut and pre drilled if you order the DIY!Our benches are 12x24, the stools are 12x12 and both stand 9-10inches high for the finished size.Of course this also depends on your hooking.

Large Rugs and Runners

Our specialty is big rugs! We love projects that result in a masterpiece to be handed down for generations!  All of the patterns and kits we offer are our own designs and we can do any pattern into a kit for you even if it is not listed yet.We have grouped all of the patterns by size to make it a bit easier to browse. If you are looking for something special please don't hesitate to let us know.We are always coming up with new patterns and sometimes I just do not have it on the web site yet.*All patterns are hand drawn on our own primitive linen.*Special care is given to ensure patterns are straight on the straight of the grain.All of our edges are surged and we leave a generous borderin case you might want to add to your rug.


Linen.... I will only say that there is a reason that we only carry one backing. We love it plain and simple. Its strong, long lasting, doesn't stretch out of shape from packing and if you like to do big rugs you can do room sized rugs, with no over lap seam using our 102in wide linen! We are happy to send a sample if you would like to touchy feely it ;) If you have ever hooked one of our patterns then you have used our linen, we have imported this for years! The EPI (ends per inch) is 13. "We have bulk pricing on all our linen. The more you buy, the more you save! Each listing is for certain yardages price break. You just put in how many yards you want at that price, it must be in the yardage for that discount. For instance you can not order one yard at the 50 yard price ;)  If you order less then the bulk pricing for that listing we will refund your order."

Linen Blanks

Standard sized blanks  All of these pieces of linen are serged on the edges, with a 4 inch salvage and the lines drawn on the straight of the grain. If you would like us to add a boarder, inside of the outside lines, just tell us how wide you would like it to be. Custom Blanks We can also do custom cut piece for you, if none of our stock pieces fit your needs. ALL You need to know is what you want the finished size to be, we add a 4 inch salvage. We can also put the outside line for the border on for you. This will ensure that your drawing, when you do it, is on the straight of grain. There is no waste for you and your piece is all surged and ready to go. You can design it just the way you like. Just email or call us and we will figure it all out for you. We just need to know the size you want your finished piece to be. 1-207-249-0891 or

Over Dyed Wool

  Our over dyed wool is all ready for you to work with. Please remember to order more then you need to sure you have enough and Please remember that all monitors show color very differently. When I load a picture and I list it here, it is a very close match. We have no control over how your monitor is set or shows color. We always welcome you sending a small sample of what you are looking for and we will do our very best to match it as closely as we can. If it would not work for us we would not send it to you either :) We use a mixture of Heavens to Betsy wool's, The Wool Studios Wool's and Dorr Wool's for our base dying fabrics. We use our own formulas and only Jaquard Dyes as our dyes.

Pick a Border

"Pick A Boarder Rugs"  The great rug with a funny name!These are designed so you have input on what you want to hook. You choose what is going in the boarders to make the rug uniquely yours. They are also designed to use up those scraps that we all accumulate over time with having left overs from past projects!  This design has a circle and squares center and corners, with the four side left for you to choose what you would like us to draw in for you and ship off36x48 This rug is more suited to the floor with it 3 foot by four foot finished size. You will pick two 8x18 patterns for the short ends and two of the stair tread patterns for the long sides.

Rug Hooking Equipment

The Right Stuff!All of our Rug Hooking Frames and Rug Hooksare made right here in the state of Maine for us byIsland Wood WorksThe home of theSlimline Frame and The Tiny Travelers! Like anything you do, the right equipment is so very important. We carry hooks that are hand made right here in Maine and each one is unique and different. We have the standard hook ends that are like a crochet hook. I hook with 8, 8.5 and 9 and use our hook in a pencil handle and Chris, who also hooks wide cuts uses our in a baseball handle.  Every handle is a little different and the woods are all special. But you can order any type of handle you want. Either a ball, short and fat or a pencil, long and narrow or a fat pencil which is med length and fatter. We have all kinds of cutter accessories to make your cutting as easy as possible! Sorters, boxes, stands and more all made from top quality hard woods, beautify finished to give you years of enjoyment. We also stock the Beeline cutter and blades.

Searsport's Hookin's

We put on two events each year, One in February in Punta Gorda, Florida and one in Brewer, Maine the end of September. Both are very different in size and what goes on. We have cozy intimate in Maine with wonderful vendors, GREAT food, free demos and more! Then we have Florida where everyone is escaping the cold and snow from the north, for three days of fun and sun!! They are out for a good time! Tons of rug hookers, seating for up to 400, rug show, free demos, classes, contests, over 20 vendors, right on the water, door prizes and more This is an all round fun 3 days! Maine's Event is Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2017.Our hours are  9-4 Florida's Event is Feb 20, 22, 23, 2018.Our hours are 9-4