Searsport Rug Hooking

Small to Medium Serged Linen Blanks


We have offered custom blanks for as long as we’ve offered linen and monks cloth. Now you can order them even easier in 6 inch increments! With widths from 18 inches to 64 inches and lengths from 18 inches to 144 inches!
Keep in mind the sizes are the size of the blank piece of serged, edged linen. You will need to allow for the salvage around the edges. We like 4 inches but 3 is workable. If you go with 4 it leaves some wiggle room in case you decide to add a few extra rows or more boarder.
So if you wanted a finished size of 24x36 you would order a 32x44 this gives you 4 inches all around the edges.

These sizes go from an 18x18 up to a 64 x 72 inch rug. Large and extra large and big runners are under Large and Extra Large Serged Linen Blanks. 

We can still do any size you need if you do not find it listed.

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