Save the Date 2/3/24 Pre Hookin’ Gathering!


Join us the Monday before the Harbor Hookin in Punta Gorda
and visit with old friends and maybe make some new ones!
This is on 2/3/25 and located at our shop at 
31 chailett road, suite 1-3
Rotonda West, fl. 33947 
While we are normally not open on Mondays, we thought this would be a fun day to be open since we are no longer part of the Punta Gorda Event.
We invite you to reserve a seat to hook or stitch, play and enjoy a nice snacky lunch for the day. There will be no classes, but we will have a few show and tells and demos and we are all happy to help anyone who needs it.
We will have an outdoor tent, the garden area, the classroom, snacks and beverages all day for registered attendees.
 The shop is open for everyone to visit and shop.
If you just want to come say hi and shop there is no charge.
If you want to spend the day and have a place to chill and stitch or hook and have lunch with us, there is a $10 fee.
The $10 cost includes a little goodie bag with your attendance wrist band, a commemorative button and maybe a little treat or two;)
You will also receive lunch, snacks and beverages wearing the wristband. 
We hope you can join us! 
****If you need info for attending the Harbor Hookin’
it can be found HERE
At the new Promoters website
The Little Quilt Store 

We hope you can join us!
While we might not be running or attending the Hookin’ in Punta Gorda any longer, We WILL be open here at the shop waiting to see you again! For years you asked if we could be open during the Hookin’ and it just wasn’t feasibly possible. 
But now that Laura Kay Houser is running the Hookin’ we can be open to greet you! 

****SO MONDAY THE 3RD, we will be 9am to 7 pm so you can spend the day playing with us as you wait to check in to the Hookin’ Bright and early Tuesday morning!
More details are coming but we just wanted to let you know something’s in the works! 
The shop will be open the rest of the week from 10-5 each day. 
There will be a small registration fee for Mondays event that includes “Morning” snacks, “Lunchey” snacks, afternoon Snacks, beverages and some fun things!
It will also allow us to know how many will be attending so we can be prepared for you. 
*** There is no charge to come to the shop to say hi, get a hug or shop, only for access to the gathering tent. 

Details for the Hookin’ are here on Laura’s website