Custom Size Runners


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 This is only for custom cuts
***We stock standard a 21 inch for place mats, a small 24 inch runner, a larger 36 in runner and our largest is the 48 inch runner in either rounded or scalloped ends. They will be cheaper on those listings. 
But if those sizes do not work for you, you can order a custom size here.
1.  To begin you choose rounded ends or scalloped ends
2. Then select the color you want. 

3. Then you just tell us how long you want your runner! How many inches you want.
So if you need a 42 inch runner you just order “42 pieces”. If you want a 60 inches then just order 60 pieces. It is .50 an inch 

We recommend nothing smaller than 12 inches. So a minimum order of 12 pieces to receive a 12 inch runner.
You just choose your size and color and we will cut it out for you! No waste or chance of messing it up! These are all 11.5 wide. If your design calls for slightly larger or narrower just adjust the design elements when you lay it out. Maybe an extra pumpkin or one less leave will fit everything and work just fine.

Remember our stock sizes are cheaper! This is only for any size other than 21, 24, 36, 48 inches!