Crash landing Flattie


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Ok Mildred is ready for you to help her out! She has bling, bright colors and a fun stick broom! But she had a little to much of Wilma’s witches brew last night and on the way home had a crash landing... so that’s the name of our newest flattie! “Crash landing!” You will receive the pattern on linen, raffia to make a  stick broom,, purple sari ribbon for shoe bows, glittery buckles for her shows, red dyed wool for the bottoms of her shoes ;) a die cut wool leaf with a wire twist! You can add the wool pack as an extra with hand dyed purple, orange and green wools, orange velvet/sari silk and as is wools to hook her as shown. You will need a 12-14 inch stick to make her funky broom.  She measures 14x16 completed size