Holiday Tree Block Swap DETAILS & DEADLINES


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Please read everything carefully.

Deadlines to keep in mind:
Registration is now closed
All but 1 of your Blocks must be mailed to us by 6/20/24
We will return the same amount of DIFFERENT blocks to you by 7/1/24
Then you have plenty of time to assemble how you like for the holidays! 

Nothing will be sent to you until we send you your 5 or 11 blocks.
This is only if you have made the blocks and sent them in for the swap.
No blocks sent in to us, no return of blocks to you. 
Watch for another new and fun swap

 To start the first week of July, during our christmas in July celebration!

We are excited to organize our first block swap. Here is an outline of the details and we hope your enticed to join us! We will be making blocks too! You can do either a 6 block design or a 12 block design. 

You will make 6 or 12 blocks, you decide.


You can do any size block you like. But they have to be all the same size. The smallest size you can make is 8x8 and the biggest is 12x12. They can be 12x8 or 8x12 or 10x8 any combo you want for your design. It will be up to the assembler to add boarders or blocks of their own to fit and complete their wall hanging or small quilt.

So basic details:

1. How many blocks: We think offering two options is nice. Not everyone wants to make or have a big project. 6 is easily doable and 6 can make a 4 block wall hanging and two pillows! The 12 is also awesome to make a nice quilt! Both options are within the 3 month time frame.

2. Block size: You pick one size and they are all the same size. Please make them no smaller then 8x8 and no bigger then 12x12
3. Fabric types: Please use wool and/or good cotton flannel for the block base, and wool for the appliqué. Please no felt and no discount fabrics. Keep it a good quality wool and good quality cotton flannel as a background, like you would be happy to receive. These are going to be special.

4. Decide what kind of holiday tree you want to put on all your blocks. Choose One design, the same design will be on all your blocks. 

5. You must sign up by 5/3/24. This lets us get you all set up and you have plenty of time to create your design and organize things and get stitching! 
6. Your 5 or 11 blocks must be mailed back to us by June 20.  We suggest priority mail, with tracking. This represents a lot of work! This gives you 4 months to make your blocks. 
7. Return date for us to ship back: We will ship the returning  5 or 11 DIFFERENT blocks back to the you by July 1. This gives you 5 solid months to assemble your wall hanging or quilt for the holidays! They will be sent to you priority mail with insurance and tracking.

It sounds confusing but it really isn’t. 
Choose how many you want to make 6 or 12? 
Decide what size your block will be, you pick ONE size for all, but no smaller then 8x8 no bigger then 12x12 but they can be any sized square or rectangle within those sizes. 
Decide what the design, based on a holiday tree, will be. You can design your own, use pre cuts or any pattern you have purchased for your tree. But the same design will be REPEATED 6 or 12 times. 
You put the same design on all of your blocks so they are all the same size and design
. Then You keep ONE and send the rest to us. 
We will mix them all up and send you back the same amount of blocks to design your own special hanging or quilt. 
Have fun with this. Embellishments, plain or fancy stitches, wool and cotton fabrics, trims, buttons anything goes! But all your blocks must be the same. 
We would love a short note to tell a little about yourself to share with the recipients of the 5 or 11 blocks you send us to distribute. We will make copies of it for each block. 
The fee is for the cost of organizing, hosting and the return shipping and handling to each of you priority mail with tracking and insurance.
.**** Please note there are no finishing instructions. It will be up to each person to lay out, fit together, back and finish their wall hanging, pillows or small quilt. No two quilts will be the same since we will all have our single main block that we make,  plus 5 or 11 random blocks from all over the country to fit with it. 

****All sales are final, no refunds of the swap fee. This is to cover hosting costs and return shipping to you of your new blocks.

We are adding some samples of the blocks that have been sent in already to help inspire you!