All of the patterns and kits we offer are our own designs and we can do any pattern into a kit for you, even if it is not listed yet.
We have grouped all of the patterns by size to make it a bit easier to browse. If you are looking for something special please don't hesitate to let us know.

We are always coming up with new patterns and sometimes We just don't have it on the web site yet.
*All patterns are hand drawn on our own primitive linen.*

If you have never hooked any of our patterns, Chris puts a lot of work into them. From her original idea, to a pattern ready for you to hook, hours and sometimes days and weeks go into it, until she is satisfied that it is a hookable design for you to enjoy. Some of the room sized rugs take a 2-3 days just to transfer them onto the linen! We do not silkscreen or print our patterns, they are all hand drawn onto the linen for you. Chris first hand draws all the out side lines and boarders. This ensures that EVERYTHING is on the straight of the grain. Only then is the design drawn in. So when you hook any of our designs you know it will lay flat and smooth, not keyed off from the grain. Her geometrics she draws with a ruler! Measuring and marking each section to make it work! That's part of why its important to us that our linen is woven square. In a one inch space there is the same amount of warp and weft threads.
All of our edges are serged and we leave a generous border in case you might want to add to your rug.