And the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of it! The biggest problem with us selling dyed wool online? I dye like I cook! I shake in a little of this, add a little of that... stir a awhile then maybe add something to liven it up or dull it down. I do have formulas, tons of them! But I like the loosey goosey style of cooking and dying! But so many have asked and so many have wanted our old circle of color formulas that we said ok. And I hauled everything out and started redoing our samples, we picked 25 colors and then I dyed 1/2 yards in three values. I mixed up two formulas and had to redo them... then I didn’t make a note of which blue I used in a purple so I had to redo that one... then the work started.. we picked 20 of those to be our set A. We tried to do light, bright, dull and dark. The four keys to a good color plan. So yes there are a couple “Florida” colors in the ring and there are some “primitive” colors in it to! And some poison and some pastels. But a good project includes those changes to give interest and movement. 
So back to the rings. We cut 2x2 in squares out of each color and they were applied to card stock bookmarks to go on a ring. These sell for $22.00 until June 1 when they will go up to $25.00 not a huge jump, but the best part is if you order this set for color planning we will send you a $5 coupon code that can be used three times on $25 orders of any of the circle of color wools. So you will get $15 back on your $22 investment and for just $7 have wool samples in hand to order from. Have you ever tried to explain a color to someone? Is it warm or cool? Dull or bright? And what’s on my pc will look totally different then what’s on yours for color! This takes the guesswork out of color planning for you! And you can order tiny pieces that are only 6.5x8 if your doing small appliqué stuff or half yards if your doing bigger hooked pieces! Set B is in the works and then a ring that will be flesh tones, backgrounds and skies is coming! We are so excited! 

But to add to this you can order the ring with the samples AND all the formulas to dye your own! This set is $39.99 until June 1 then it’s $45.00

Julie Mattison


Are these swatches still available?

— Toni Jette

Good morning Theresa, we are not doing a full set price. Because things are so crazy I just don’t know when I’ll have time to dye and double dye each formula that goes in a set. And even when I do get them dyed there’s still all the hand work cutting, labeling and assembling them. So we set the price low enough that people could add as they come out. We are doing them for $22 for the 20 samples and formulas so it’s $1.10 a swatch. Which is way less then most dye books and formulas out there. June first they will go up to their reg price of $25. We hope to have set B ready in a week or two. It just depends on when we pick the next 20 to go in it. We have 13 all dyed and set for sure :)

— Anonymous

Is there a price for all the rings? Sounds like more than just the one set in the works.

— Therese Allen