Upcoming live events, mark your calendar!
1. Fling into Fall 8/18 at 7:00 pm on Facebook and on our app
2. Classes for the February Hookin’ open 9:00 am 8/22
3. Holiday Joy Live event Sept 15 @7:00pm
4. Let’s talk about finishing and mounting small pieces TBA
5. Let’s talk about backings TBA
6. Let’s talk about stools TBA
7. Let’s talk about finishing rugs TBA
8. Let’s talk about pillow making TBA
9. Let’s talk about rug Hooking frames TBA
10. Lets talk about Oxford punching TBA
11. Let’s talk about Mini punching TBA
12. The six weeks of Christmas start November 14 with a live pop up for the first weeks items.
So please tell us what would you like us to talk about? Our “talk abouts” are mini demo show and tell. Help and tips and light selling at the end for the stuff we used. These are more about instruction then selling. Our other live events will be more about online selling and show you examples and some how to and tips on color planning, using and more.

Then we have our pop ups! These are unplanned and you just never know what’s up! It might be a big wool order of new fabrics we want to share with you or a redo of the shop we want to share, or our Thursday group just saying hi! As you might have noticed some we do not have dates set for. We will update them as we schedule them. You can also follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our calendar here on the website. Or you can down load the new APP and never miss an event!
We are very excited to announce that we now have our own App! Here are the links to our simple to use and easy to down load versions for appl or Android products!
If you have an apple product you can down load it here:

If you have an Android product you can download it here:

or you can register on face book with us and just shop the lives on there 🙂 It’s very very easy to shop and watch them. You have three choices or you can just shop the website. You just register and it’s very simple. Down load our app or follow the directions below for Facebook.

1. On Facebook go to our searsport Rug Hooking page.
2. Look for the message button. It could be two ways. It should be at the upper part of our page and say message or it’s a little button with white squiggles in it that is the massages logo.
3. Click on that and just enter register. That’s it, just the single word by its self “register” but no “”
4. it will send you back a box that says confirm your account. Just click that and your ready to buy anything you see that you need!

Julie Mattison