We designed this cute roll up a few years ago and last week we decided it needed an update. Mainly because as fabrics change we can’t reproduce the kits to reflect the current wool and cotton used. Plus new samples are always fun because we get to use the old one for personal use! Now I have a needle keeper at home and I don’t have to make sure I grab it when I leave! Like most of our kits everything is precut for you. You only need a needle and scissors to stitch up this cute handy fold up. This is an easy piece to work up and can be done in a weekend or a couple of evenings of stitching. It’s nice to have something with a practical use when your finished! The creamy wool outer layer stay in place draped over the arm of a chair or couch as your working, as long as it’s not leather ;) and this makes a built in pin cushion with no danger of leaving pins behind! Order yours today and see why we live them so much! And if you want to learn some new stitches add the crazy quilt stitching busier fir only $4.99. It’s all laminated and folds right up!
Julie Mattison