No matter how crazy the year has been there are only 24 hours in the day and the sun rises and sets as time moves on. We each choose how to greet the new day! So let’s find the positive and make some plans we can control :) like creating holiday gifts and decorations! And getting some great deals! 
Every Week we add a new special and while supplies last you can save or get something extra! Some will be limited supplies and some will roll over to the next week. 
AND Each week we will feature a pair of our mitten kits that will include the dowel  hanger 1/2 off as our special. These will only be on special for that week. 
Week #1 11/01 to 11/7 is five yards of any of our backings for special pricing plus free USA shipping! Available while supplies last! 
The mittens being offered for week one are the Frosty Falling Leaves or the Frosty Pumpkin! You will get the 4 inch dowel hangers included for 1/2 off! Half price hanger from now till 11/7 only 

Week #2 to be announced 11/8

Julie Mattison