Linen.... I will only say that there is a reason that we only carry one backing. We love it plain and simple. Its strong, long lasting, doesn't stretch out of shape from packing and if you like to do big rugs you can do room sized rugs, with no over lap seam using our 102in wide linen! We are happy to send a sample if you would like to touchy feely it ;) If you have ever hooked one of our patterns then you have used our linen, we have imported this for years!

The EPI (ends per inch) is 13.

"We have bulk pricing on all our linen. The more you buy, the more you save! Each listing is for certain yardages price break. You just put in how many yards you want at that price, it must be in the yardage for that discount. For instance you can not order one yard at the 50 yard price ;)  If you order less then the bulk pricing for that listing we will refund your order."