Sit on Frame


2 reviews

This our our sit on paddle frame. It has a solid oak base that is taped so you sit on the bottom to hold it securely in place. The tops are made from oak and are rounded so the grippers are open and spread to hold your backing. If you have ever tried a flat top frame and had trouble with the backing staying on this is why. The grippers MUST be on a curve in order to work 100%, they will hold if stapled on a flat surface, but not as much as on a curve.  Our frames are all top quality and we stand behind them 100%. The heads swivel and tilt so that you can hook at the most comfortable position for you. i can't say enough good things about our frames and neither can our happy customers.

The head is 17x15 with a 15x13 Hooking area.

This does not include an arm guard. 

Just one of our current reviews 5/22: 

”I received my sit-on frame yesterday. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the frame. I previously had a lap frame, but when it broke for the third time it was time to call it quits and buy a new one. So glad I ordered your frame. It’s constructed much better than my last one. I had a spare lap frame, but when I started hooking I hooked with a sit on frame. Just did not care for the lap frame. Again, so pleased with your sit on frame. Glad I decided on yours. Karen M.”