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Spinner Frames

This has become our most popular frame! The "spinner frame". They are intended for Oxford or miniature punch needle but we have people using the medium and standard as hooking frames too, once removed from the spinner base. It has a solid oak base, with black walnut plugs and rubber no slip feet on the spinner base to hold the frame securely in place on the table in front of you. The tops are made from oak and are rounded so the grippers are open and spread to hold your backing. If you have ever tried a flat top frame and had trouble with the backing staying on this is why. The grippers MUST be on a curve in order to work 100%, they will hold if stapled on a flat surface, but not as much as on a curve.  Our frames are all top quality and we stand behind them 100%. This head does not tilt, but it does spin 360 degrees. I can't say enough good things about our frames and neither can our happy customers. The depth of the  head is 2.5 inches deep so there is no danger of dulling your tips! The largest head is 14x17 with a 15x12.5 work area, off the spinner base it can be used for traditional rug Hooking. The medium head is 12x10 with a 9.5x8 work area and the small is  8x8 with a 6x6  punching area, these two are more intended for mini punch. The head is removable to hold like a hoop while hooking or punching or mounts on the free spinning base for punching only. This is two separate pieces and does not includes your arm guard.  We have redesigned the spinner base to fit either the small head or the medium head. The small sits inside and the medium sits on the outside. Now you can have both heads and one base!

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