Best Glueing or ironing Mat!


To use as a glue or craft mat:

Oh my god I don’t what I did before I started using these! Hot glue, tacky glue, E600, glue sticks, it doesn’t matter! It all comes right off! Hot glue peals off once cooled and all the others do too or wash in warm water and wipe dry. It Saves the classroom table tops a million times over! The small ones are the perfect work size with our pick boards You can order just the mat or add the pickboard and wire cutters.

To use as an appliqué mat:

I lay my mat on my felt pressing mat, then my lay my wool or Pre-Cut wool piece all face down on the mat and then l lay my fusable paper, with the fuzzy side down and press with a hot iron. Just press do not iron back and forth. Lift and press a new spot. You will see the wool darken and show up more through the paper. Once cool gently peal the wool off and with your finger push any webbing to the back of your cut pieces. Now place on your wool backing, face up and press again to adhere. Now Stitch in place! No pins to stick your self with!   In the pictures I had to use two small ones as we were out of the large ones. 

This measures 15.5x12, the perfect size with our New  15.5x18 felt pads! 

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