Island Woodworks

Appliqué Work Station

This is our newest frame! Well it’s not really a frame it’s a work station for sewing and appliqué! You can order the basic folding style which measure 14x17 on the top. Our work stations are made of pine to be light weight and easy to tote with you. It has 1/2 heavy duty felt mounted on the top to give you a lay out board and pinning board. You can even lightly iron on it. The base folds up in so the whole piece is 14x17x3 in when folded up. This is only $89.99! Or if you have one of our rug Hooking frames you can remove your rug Hooking head and use add the BYOB (Bring your own base) work station! This is also $89.99 but it has the yoke system on the underside for fasting to your base. Or order the head with a lap base $135.99 or floor base $274.99

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